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Latest video stories

Latest Stories

Last activity with "Fadil Hisari" & "Heronjtë e Lumës" schools

Fadil Hisari school in Prizren and Heronjte e Lumes school in Vermice and Dobrushte, were part of the follow up activity in the framework of “Komuna jone- Shtepia jone” project.


Abdullahu is certified from Competencies Passport

Competencies Passport enabled me to learn important and interesting things about myself.


Activity against bullying

ECD volunteers’ corner in Prizren, organized an activity to mark volunteer international day.


Activities - "Komuna jonë - Shtëpia jonë"

In the framework of “Komuna jone – Shtepia jone” project, today we held the follow-up activity with students of “Haziz Tola” and “Mushnikova” schools.


Shenoll is certified form Competencies Passport

“During the counselling of Competencies Passport, I had the chance to share my life experiences.


Sabina Berisha, has completed Competencies Passport

“When you hear the name Competencies Passport, it appears as to travel somewhere, but this instrument is a passport towards...





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