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First activity in primary school ‘’Mushnikova’’

15 October 2019

Pupils form the primary school ‘’Mushnikova’’, today through the lecture in framework of the Project ‘’Komuna jone – Shtepia jone’’ learned about the waste littering, their treatment and through respective examples they reflect on actions they should undertake to preserve the environment.

During the lecturing, pupils had chance to share their knowledge about the negative impacts, which derive from improper disposal, respectively environmental pollution. Furthermore, there were shared ideas on how to avoid environmental pollution under current circumstances.

We will protect environment starting from our behavior.’’ – said pupils from ‘’Mushnikova’’ school. Moreover, ‘’Field Bingo’’ was an important activity in framework of today’s activities. Through this activity, pupils identified present waste in environment that surrounds us, and became more aware of the damages made to environment and overall public health. 

This project is supported from European Union Kosovo, through Balkan Green Foundation and Institute for Development Policy (INDEP).




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