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Activities - "Komuna jonë - Shtëpia jonë"

02 December 2019

In the framework of “Komuna jone – Shtepia jone” project, today we held the follow-up activity with students of “Haziz Tola” and “Mushnikova” schools. 

We visited Public Enterprise K.R.M EKO-Regjioni in Prizren, responsible for was waste collection in the Prizren region. Students were introduced to the procedures of waste collection and with technical capacities of the company.  They were informed with challenges that employees struggle during the waste collection. Hence, students got aware of the importance of waste management and that waste should be discharged according to the rules set by Prizren Municipality.

Next, we visited the Sanitary Landfill in Landovice, where students had the chance to see where the waste ends up.

At last, in our office the students were awarded with certificates of attendance.  Finally was presented a documentary movie about the risks because of improper way of waste management.




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