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About us

Non-governmental organization ‘’Environment & Community Development’’ (ECD), is founded in March 2017, and is active in implementing relevant projects.

The vision of the organization is to contribute in the education field, preparation and facilitation in access to the job market, facilitation of the reintegration process of returnees from Germany or other relevant countries and support for marginalized communities.

Consequently, ECD through trainings on one hand and identification of business needs for the human resources on the other hand aims to create communication and facilitation links between the business and the job seekers. The organization contributes in the protection of environment and promotion of tourism in Kosovo.

The organization is made up of a group of professionals with significant expertise in the field of Human Resources and other areas related to the Environment, what eases their contribution in a proper way through trainings/ sharing experiences and other activities, in order to achieve the goal.

Also, ECD has contractual relationships with external experts who engage in relevant projects.

The head and trainers of the organization are qualified in the above-mentioned areas. They have experiences with international organizations such as: United Nations, European Union, Projects Implemented by JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency) and other NGOs.

ECD has successfully implemented ‘’Career Development’’ project in Prizren region, supported by GIZ/ DIMAK KOSOVO. The main goal of this project is to facilitate the reintegration of returnees from Germany and other European countries into preparation and facilitation for access to the job market. The project resulted with employment of 15 participants in relevant profiles and sustainable jobs.

Participants in this training were from different communities, students from the University of Prizren ‘’Ukshin Hoti’’, high school students from schools in Prizren, Dragash and Suhareka, and other groups who expressed interest to be part of the training on Career Development.


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